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Trade union work

"With You" Public Service Advertisement Solicitation Activity Notice

In order to make full use of the carrier of public service advertisements, promote the study and implementation of the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, carry forward the core socialist values, gather positive energy, cultivate a good fashion, and further promote the formation of a righteous atmosphere,

Hongkou District Federation of Trade Unions: Build a three-level support network to better serve

Since 2010, we have carried out various themed activities to effectively promote the guarantee and the Improve the implementation of policies on the livelihood of employees. We regard participation in the protection of employees' livelihood as the most basic and important content of the trade union's rights protection work, and use the practical actions of sincerity, sincerity, true help, true support, and true work to "help" the employees in their careers and life. , "protection" in terms of rights and interests, and "integration" in emotion.

Han Zheng wrote an article for "Liberation Book List" Shanghai leading cadres must meditate

The country's first reading special issue targeting the leading cadres of the party and government organs - "Liberation Book List" will be launched today. This was launched in order to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's request for leading cadres during his inspection tour in Shanghai in May this year to "spend less time for entertainment and more time to read and think quietly". Han Zheng, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, wrote an article entitled "Reading in Meditation" for the first issue of "Liberation Book List".  

Shanghai Juna Technology Participated in Warm Aid Service Day

On December 28, 2013, Shanghai Juna Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the community job fair held by the Hongkou District Science and Technology Commission and the Hongkou District Federation of Trade Unions. The theme of the activity is "Concerning the feelings of employees, bringing warmth to thousands of families". Many enterprises and institutions participated in the event. Based on the idea of providing more job-seekers with job opportunities and attracting more talents for enterprises, Shanghai Juna Technology actively participated in this event and received hundreds of resumes that day. Our employees and job-seekers participated in the event. For simple communication, the vast majority of personnel entered the company's talent pool. Everyone agreed that such an event can provide job seekers with a job search platform, and secondly, it can inject new energy into the enterprise, which is a real warmth.

Yangzhou Slender West Lake has a different style

Leadership with a different style
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