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Taizhou SUNANO passed the AAAA standard good practice corporate review

Time of issue: 2022-12--29
In December 2022, an expert group from the Jiangsu Standardization Association came to Taizhou to conduct a review of enterprises with AAAA-level good practices in standardization, which was reviewed and confirmed by the expert group, the standardization system established by Taizhou SUNANO New Energy Co. , Ltd. is rational in structure, effective in operation, and meets the needs of enterprises. The standardization work is good and meets the requirements of the national standards of GB t15496-2003, GB T15497-2003 and GB T15498-2003, reached the AAAA level, and on December 23,2022 received the Jiangsu Provincial Standardization Association issued the Certificate of Good Behavior Standardization.  The standard is the basic element of the core competence of the enterprise, and it is an important technical system to standardize the management and operation of the enterprise. Since Taizhou SUNANO new energy obtained“AAAA” standardization good behavior enterprise in 2019, Taizhou SUNANO has made great achievements in standardization work in recent years, to promote the company’s technological development, business order and corporate efficiency has played an important role in the technical foundation, it fully embodies the general requirements “Guiding production with standards, guiding R & D with standards, controlling product quality with standards, and standardizing enterprise system with standards”. Adhere to the principle of enterprise development strategy, independent innovation, to improve the competitiveness of the company as the core, the full implementation of the standard strategy, we should give full play to the role of standardization in improving R & D Speed, technology level, product quality, production efficiency and management level, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the company's products.
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Nanoscope Systems Innovation Center and joint laboratory for high resolution confocal microscope at Nanjing is established

Time of issue: 2022-12--26
Nanoscope Systems Innovation Center and joint laboratory for high resolution confocal microscope at Nanjing is established. The Laboratory will focus on the development of technologies which could be used in high resolution confocal microscope. The Laboratory also functions as a demo centre of the products provided by the Company. The University will provide venues for the Laboratory, and part-time graduate students working on the Laboratory. The University will focus on developing certain technologies or modules related to the high resolution confocal microscope system based on the facilities on the Laboratory and technologies developed by the Universities, including thickness measurement by optical method of thin film down to nanometer scale, and precise measurement of position, angle, and displacement of an objective by position sensitive detector, and spectroscopic system. The University will assist in the running of demo centre, including the introduction/description of the products for the potential customers of the Representative and Company, measurement of test samples, organization of seminars in related research area. The Company will provide technical support and work together with the University on developing technologies and modules of the high resolution confocal microscope system. The Company will provide discounts on the products when the University purchase.
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Taizhou SUNANO New Energy was approved to prepare for the establishment of a provincial technology standard innovation base

Time of issue: 2022-12--13
  Recently, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued the Notice on Agreeing to Build 10 Jiangsu Technical Standard Innovation Bases, including Geology, Minerals and Ecological Protection and Restoration. Taizhou SUNANO New Energy Co., Ltd. and Taizhou Graphene Research and Testing Platform Co., Ltd., as the "Jiangsu Low-dimensional Material Technology Standard Innovation Base" as undertakers, are among them. This is the second and first technology standard innovation base led by local enterprises in Taizhou.   Taizhou SUNANO New Energy Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest companies engaged in graphene research, testing, preparation, application and standardization in China. The project technology is at the leading international level, with more than 40 patent applications (more than 20 authorized) in the field of graphene core technology. Undertake the secretariat of the Low-dimensional Nanostructure and Performance Working Group of the National Nanotechnology Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC279/WG9) and the Microbubble Technology Application Working Group of the National Microbubble Technology Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC584/WG3), counterpart ISO/TC229, IEC/TC113 and other work related to low-dimensional nanostructure and performance technology of the International Organization for Standardization, leading the revision of 2 international standards, 6 national standards, and participating in the preparation and revision of four national standards.
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Chairman Ding Rong was appointed as the vice chairman of SAC/TC279/SC2

Time of issue: 2022-10--09
  On September 29, the inaugural meeting of the Nano Detection Sub-Technical Committee of the National Nanotechnology Standardization Technical Committee and the first plenary meeting were successfully held at the Chinese Academy of Metrology (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese Academy of Metrology). The meeting is in a combination of online and offline.   Zhao Yuliang, chairman of the National Nanotechnology Standardization Technical Committee, director of the National Nanoscience Center, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and academician of the Academy of Sciences of Developing Countries, Yang Ping, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Metrology, relevant leaders of the Standard Technology Management Department of the National Standardization Administration Commission, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.   In the middle of the meeting, the leaders of the National Standardization Administration read out the instructions on the establishment of the Nano Detection Technical Sub-Technical Committee of the National Nanotechnology Standardization Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Nano Detection Sub-Committee"), affirmed the consistent work of the Nano Detection Sub-Committee, and put forward practical requirements and suggestions to the Nano Detection Sub-Committee in combination with the national policy guidance and requirements.   Zhao Yuliang deeply expounded the significance and responsibilities of nanotechnology standardization from the frontier of science and industrial application, and put forward high expectations for the nano-detection subcommeration in combination with the international situation. He pointed out that the China Metrology Institute is the highest metrological scientific research institution in the country. It should give full play to the role of the "national team" and organize the standardization of nano-testing technology nationwide to develop rapidly and steadily towards a higher level. Yang Ping discussed the intrinsic relationship between metrology and standardization, and introduced the achievements of the China Metrology Institute in the field of metrology and standardization over the years. At the same time, on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Metrology, I would like to express my gratitude to the National Standardization Administration Committee and the National Nanotechnology Standardization Technical Committee for their guidance and support in the development and preparation of the Nano Detection Sub-Committee.   In the second half of the meeting, Gao Sitian, chairman of the Nano Detection Subcommittee and researcher of the China Metrology Institute, presided over the first plenary meeting to discuss and improve the statute, working rules, standard system framework and future work plan of the nano-testing subcommittee, and organized exchanges among all members. The vice chairman of the Nano Detection Sub-Committee and Chairman of Juna Group attended the meeting online and delivered a speech.    The first nanotechnology sub-technical committee of the National Nanotechnology Standardization Technical Committee, numbered SAC/TC279/SC2, is mainly responsible for the revision of the national standard system in the field of nanotechnology. The subcommittee is composed of 35 members, Gao Sitian as the chairman, Fang Zheyu and Ding Rong are the vice-chairmen, Huang Lu is the member and secretary-general, and the secretariat is undertaken by the China Metrology Institute.
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Ding Rong was hired as the industry supervisor of Taizhou market supervision system

Time of issue: 2022-10--07
In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the national market supervision system construction video conference, the provincial market supervision system optimization business environment and strengthening travel style construction video conference, and the city's optimization business environment promotion meeting, and further strengthen the city's system style construction, on September 30, the Taizhou Market Supervision Bureau held a press conference on the "Ten Prohibitions" on the construction of the market supervision system and the appointment ceremony of industry supervisors. The meeting read out the "ten prohibitions" of the style construction of the Taizhou market supervision system and the list of conduct supervisors, the work responsibilities of the conduct supervisors and the work contact mechanism. The employment letter was issued for the style supervisors on the spot, and the heads of each department (unit) signed and submitted the letter of responsibility for the style construction. Ding Rong, chairman of Taizhou SUNANO New Energy Co., Ltd., was hired as a style supervisor. Zhang Hangang, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, conveyed the spirit of the city's meeting to optimize the business environment, emphasizing that "optimizing the business environment is the vocation of every public official, and optimizing the business environment is the duty of every public official" and "resolutely show his sword to persistent chronic diseases, resolutely attack institutional obstacles, and resolutely attack insufficient ability." Zhang Hangang pointed out that we must attach great importance to the construction of the system, and understand and strengthen the construction of the style from the requirements of "managed industry" and "one post and two responsibilities". We must put out a detailed plan in combination with the actual situation to ensure that the requirements of the construction of the national, provincial, municipal and municipal bureaus are implemented. We must dare to grasp and manage, really strictly, and fight a turnaround battle for system construction as soon as possible. Zhang Hangang stressed that don't "cover your ears and steal the bell". Under the new situation, the construction of the trend has undergone profound changes in the ideological, political, style, business and other requirements of public officials. You can't still go our own way and take chances. We should recognize the situation and speak and act immediately. Don't "carve a boat and ask for a sword". It's easy to see that the situation is constantly developing and changing. You can't have the wrong idea of "waiting first class". Combined with the current conditions, we should immediately solve the problems investigated and cancel the account. Don't "Linyuan Xianyu". To optimize the business environment, we should plan the early layout early. Combined with the latest business environment evaluation indicators, we should learn from the experience of advanced regions in fair competition, quality development and other work, find highlights and achieve results. Deepen exploration in the work of "you click me", the first violation without penalty, remote evaluation and other work, so as to form a Taizhou experience that can be referenced, replicated and popularized.
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